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The First 4 Things Your New Brand Needs

The first 4 things your new brand needs

First Impression Essentials

Starting your own business can feel a little like juggling flaming torches while riding a unicycle 😵‍💫

But fear not — we’re here to cut through that overwhelm and help you get your new brand up & running quickly.

The key is not trying to do ALL the things right away. Instead, we’re going to focus on a few first impression essentials.

These four must-haves will help your brand make its grand entrance AND give you the confidence you need to start promoting it everywhere ✨

1. A Brand Strategy

Developing your brand strategy — including how your business is unique and why your ideal client should choose you — is the very first thing every new brand should do.

So why do most people skip over it?

It can feel like you already know it intuitively and don’t need to write it down… or that there are more pressing things to do.

But trust us here. Taking the time to develop your brand strategy upfront will pay off big time as you continue building your business. 

It’ll give you clarity, keep you focused, and make everything else you do down the road WAY easier.

How to Develop Your Brand Strategy

Download our free fill-in-the-blank Brand Strategy Workbook to knock this step out in three easy steps!

Tip: Hang the your Brand Positioning Statement (the last exercise in the workbook) somewhere you’ll see it daily, so you’re always focused on who you’re serving and how.

Oh, the logo 😵‍💫

If you’re feeling stuck trying to figure out what your logo should be, or what fonts or icons you should use, or what deeper meaning it should represent…

You’re probably overthinking it 😬

[Designers everywhere gasp in horror.]

Hear us out…

Yes, your logo is super important. It’s the key visual that identifies your brand. It makes you look legitimate and it helps customers remember you.

However, it’s a HUGE roadblock to getting started. 

We talk to a lot of crazy-talented women who are not actively promoting their business because they don’t have a logo they love. It’s an important piece of the puzzle… sort of like an entrepreneurship badge of honor.

Here’s our advice: When you’re first starting out, don’t aim for a logo that’s perfect. Aim for a logo that’s simple.

The most important thing is that you can display your business name everywhere and start to put yourself out there.

Where To Get A Logo For Your Brand

This whole logo thing is kind of our jam, and we have several ways to help!

If you’re trying to start small and go the DIY route, check out our article, DIY Logo Design: Tips & Tricks for Creating your own Logo.

We also have a very cost-effective resource that can help if you

Check out our course Oh Hey, New Brand, where we guide you through our step-by-step process for creating a brand that’s as unique as you are. Not only do we give you all the training & direction you’ll need, but we also load you up with a ton of tools & templates so you’re never starting from scratch.

And down the road, when your business outgrows your initial design, that’s when it’s time to level-up and invest in a custom brand design. And when that time comes, you know where to find us 💕

3. A Great Bio

The need for a bio will pop up a lot in your first few months, so writing a good one in the beginning and then reusing it will keep you from starting from scratch every time.

So, what should you include in your bio?

A little bit about you and a lot about your ideal client.

Your bio should summarize who you are and what makes you unique, but it should mostly communicate what you can do for your clients and how you’re different from everyone else. 

Repackage your bio and use it on your website, in your Instagram bio, in an email newsletter, and any other place you can think of.

4. An Online Presence

In our digitally-driven world, having an online presence isn’t just recommended — it’s a necessity.

When someone types your brand name into Google, it’s important that something exists online to establish your legitimacy and build trust in potential clients.

The gold standard of an online presence is a dedicated website — a one-stop shop where you can communicate your brand’s value to your ideal clients without the distraction of the usual Internet noise.

A website gives you full control over the narrative and the environment, helping to shape and steer the user experience in a way that aligns with your brand’s goals.

But for many, crafting a full-blown website may seem like a daunting first step.

If this resonates with you, consider starting with a social media profile or a simple landing page. Both options have lower barriers to entry and will allow you to get your online presence up and running quickly.

They give potential customers a place to land, learn, and connect, and serve as stepping stones to a fuller, more complete online presence in the future.

Choosing A Social Platform

If you decide to focus on a social platform, be strategic and choose just one to start.

The key here is to find out where your target audience is spending their time online. What platforms do they prefer? What type of content are they engaging with the most?

By answering these questions, you can choose the most effective platform for reaching your audience.

Once you’ve selected a platform, dedicate some time to learning its ins and outs, and develop content that resonates with your audience.

It’s not just about frequent posts, but posts that truly engage and provide value to your audience.

Plan to reassess your social media strategy every three to six months to ensure you’re still reaching your audience effectively.

Luckily, there are several free tools available to help you manage and schedule your social media content.

Apps like Later and Planoly are valuable resources that allow you to organize and schedule your posts in advance, freeing you up to focus on other areas of your business.

Remember, developing an online presence is an ongoing journey, not a one-time task. As your business grows and evolves, so too should your online presence.

Regularly update and refresh your content to keep it relevant and engaging, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to connect and engage with your audience online.

Ready to create the rest of your branding?

Looking to create a strong brand strategy AND a fully-equipped visual brand toolbox

We’re talking about a show-stopping logo, a swoon-worthy color palette, and graphics that scream YOU!

Check out our course, Oh Hey, New Brand, where we guide you through our step-by-step process for creating a brand that’s as unique as you are.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just wanting to bring everything together into a cohesive package, this is for you! Find all the juicy details here.


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