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The First 4 Things your New Brand Needs

The first 4 things your new brand needs

Creating a brand for your new business can be intimidating. (We know, we’ve been there.)

The good news is: you don’t have to do everything at once.

Below are the four things we recommend focusing on first.

These will get you up & running, looking legitimate, and (bonus!) build up your confidence to start marketing yourself.

1. Brand Positioning

Identifying how your business is unique and why customers should choose you is the very first thing every new brand should do. So why do most people skip over it?

It can feel like you already know it intuitively and don’t need to write it down, or that there are more pressing things to do, but trust us: this will pay off big time as you continue building your business. 

Having clear brand positioning will give you clarity, keep you focused, and make everything else you do down the road WAY easier.

Start by asking yourself (and putting in writing):

  • Who is your ideal client or customer?
  • What problem are you solving for them?
  • What other options do they have?
  • How is your solution better?

Creating a positioning statement can also help you get clear on who you’re serving and how. 

We even created a fun (& free!) printable template for you so this task feels a little less daunting:

Brand Positioning Free Printable Template | The first 4 things your new brand needs

Download your free Brand Positioning template

Tip: Hang this somewhere you’ll see it daily so you’re always focused on who you’re serving and how.

2. A Logo 

Oh, the logo. 

If you’re feeling stuck trying to figure out what your logo should be, you’re probably overthinking it

[Designers everywhere gasp in horror.]

Hear us out. Your logo is super important. It’s the key visual that identifies your brand. It makes you look legitimate and it helps customers remember you.

However, it’s a HUGE roadblock to getting started. 

We talk to so many crazy-talented women who are not actively promoting their business because they don’t have a logo they love yet. We’ve all been there—it’s like an entrepreneurship badge of honor.

Here’s our advice: When you’re first starting out, don’t aim for a logo that’s perfect. Aim for a logo that’s simple. The most important thing is that you can display your business name everywhere and start to put yourself out there.

Canva Logo Maker is an easy design tool you can use to create a simple design or type treatment. 

And down the road, when your business outgrows your initial design, that’s when it’s time to level-up and invest in a custom logo design.

3. A Great Bio

The need for a bio will pop up a lot in your first few months, so writing a good one in the beginning and then reusing it will keep you from starting from scratch every time.

So, what should you include in your bio?

A little bit about you and a lot about your ideal client.

Your bio should summarize who you are and what makes you unique, but it should mostly communicate what you can do for your clients and how you’re different from everyone else. 

Repackage your bio and use it on your website, in your Instagram bio, in an email newsletter, and any other place you can think of.

4. A Social Media Presence

When someone searches your name or your business’s name, you need to make sure something exists to establish your legitimacy. Eventually you’ll want a website, but a social account has a way lower barrier and allows you to get up and running quickly.

You don’t have to master all the social channels at once—just focus on one platform to start. 

Where is your target audience engaging? What are they interested in? Dedicate some time to learning about and developing content for this platform, and then reassess after three to six months.

There are also free apps like Later and Planoly that can help you organize and schedule your posts in advance. 

Once you have these four things in place, congratulations, you have a brand! *Cue the confetti cannons* 

If you need advice on any of the above, leave a comment or email us.

We exist to give awesome brands like yours the support and direction you need to really shine.


The first 4 things your new brand needs | Hey Hello Studio

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