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DIY Logo Design: Tips & Tricks For Creating Your Own Logo

DIY Logo being created in Canva

Creating Your Own Logo

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room…

You may be thinking: “Aren’t you branding designers? Aren’t you basically sharing the secrets of the thing you do to make money?” 

Well, yes and…yes. 

Here’s the deal. We know not everyone is in the position to invest in a custom branding designer. Maybe you’re just starting out and don’t have any revenue coming in yet.

But you still need something to make your business look legit.

We’ve seen countless new businesses hit the brakes because they don’t feel ‘official’ enough. And nothing screams ‘I’m the real deal’ quite like rocking a polished, professional logo.

So we’re here to help you pull together something to get you up & running. And when you’re ready to up the ante with a custom brand design, you know where to find us 💕

Here’s one of design’s best-kept secrets: when it comes to logos: Less is more

Like that perfect little black dress or your favorite pair of jeans, the most effective logos are often the simplest. 

Why? Because they’re easy to recognize, quick to remember, and always in style.

Consider this: the most iconic logos out there—the swoosh, the bitten apple, the golden arches—what do they all have in common?

You got it, simplicity! 

They’re straightforward, clean, and devoid of unnecessary clutter.

Yet, they instantly bring to mind the brands they represent.

Here’s the thing: in our fast-paced, info-overloaded world, people don’t have time to decipher complex designs.

A simpler logo allows your audience to spot and recall your brand more swiftly amid the noise. 

Plus, simpler designs are usually more versatile, easily adapting to various sizes, mediums, and contexts without losing their impact.

So, as you start working on your logo, embrace the mantra of simplicity.

Keep it clean, clear, and focused. 

Remember, your logo is a symbol, not a manifesto. Its job isn’t to tell your entire brand story, but to anchor it in people’s minds, triggering recognition and connecting with your audience.

Decoding Font Choices

Let’s talk typography! 

The fonts you choose for your logo are like the vocal cords of your brand — they set the tone, volume, and personality of your message.

Choosing a font might seem like a simple task, but it’s a bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit. You need something that matches the vibe, enhances the overall look, and feels comfortable all day long.

So how do we do this in the world of typography?

First, let’s get to know the main font types:

  1. Serif fonts (think Times New Roman) have small strokes or ‘feet’ at the end of their lines. They’re often seen as classic, traditional, and trustworthy. They’re the ‘black-tie event’ of fonts.
  2. Sans Serif fonts (like Arial or Helvetica) lack these ‘feet’ and present clean, straightforward lines. They’re modern, clean, and easy to read, making them the ‘casual Friday’ in the font world.
  3. Script fonts mimic handwriting, ranging from elegant cursive to casual doodle. They bring a personal, creative touch, but be careful—some can be hard to read, especially in smaller sizes.
  4. Display fonts are the unique, bold statement pieces—use them sparingly for maximum impact.

Your goal here is to select a font—or a combination of fonts—that not only aligns with your brand’s personality but is also clear and legible at all sizes. 

If your brand is all about tradition and trust, a serif font could be a perfect match. 

If you’re more about modern simplicity, a sans serif font may be your soulmate. 

And if your brand is playful or creative, a well-chosen script or display font can show off your unique vibe.

When you’re ready to go searching for the perfect font, here’s two great resources:

Google Fonts: Your go-to hub for free, open-source fonts that are optimized for the web. Google Fonts provides a variety of styles from handwriting to display, making it an ideal starting point for finding the perfect typeface to represent your brand.

Creative Market: Your one-stop-shop for premium, top-shelf fonts. It’s the place to look when you’re ready to invest a bit in a unique font that helps your brand stand out.

Now, let’s chat about the shape-shifting superpowers of your logo.

It needs to work everywhere — from the tiny favicon on your website tab the epic mural on your future headquarters’ wall (dream big, right?). 

We call this versatility and scalability.

Logo Versatility

A versatile logo adapts easily and looks great on all platforms, from digital to print.

To make your logo versatile, consider its color scheme (simple is best), the intricacy of design elements (not too busy), and the overall shape (odd shapes can be harder to work with).

It’s also a good idea to create a few logo variations, so you have an option that works in any situation that pops up.

Logo Scalability

Scalability refers to how well your logo resizes.

Whether you’re using it itty-bitty on a business card or jumbo on a billboard, it should be legible and easy to identify.

Keep in mind that complex or intricate designs may become indistinguishable when minimized, causing your logo to lose its impact.

It’s often help to start with a design that’s compelling at a small scale, then test it at larger sizes to make sure it carries the same impact.

Winning Moves & Rookie Mistakes

Embarking on a logo design journey feels exciting, but it’s also dotted with potential pitfalls. 

Here’s some common logo-design missteps:

Do: Keep it simple! Too many fonts or colors can make your logo look chaotic and forgettable. Stick to one or two fonts and a simple color palette.

Don’t: Become a fashion victim of design trends. Trends come and go, but your logo should stand the test of time. Take inspiration from trends, but don’t let them dictate your design.

Do: Make it unique. Your logo is the visual embodiment of your brand—it should be as unique as you are! Avoid mimicking other brands. Be you, because that’s your superpower.

Don’t: Overcomplicate things. Remember, your logo doesn’t need to tell your whole brand story. It’s an introduction, a friendly wave, a way to spark interest and recognition.

Designing a logo is a journey of balance—balancing simplicity with personality, current trends with timeless style, and inspiration from others with your own unique vibe

Digital Tools for DIY Logos

Don’t fret if you’re not a pro designer or don’t have the fanciest design software. 

There are plenty of user-friendly platforms that can help you create a logo that looks like it was made by the pros! 

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Canva: Canva is like the best friend you didn’t know you needed. It’s easy-to-use and packed with fantastic features and pre-made templates that can help you design your logo with a few clicks.

Looka: AI has stepped into the design world too, and Looka is proof of that. Just pop in your preferences, and Looka’s AI will generate several logo options. Choose your fave and tweak as needed!

Feedback and Fine-Tuning

Ok, now you’ve got your shiny new logo… but hold up! Before you print it on every surface imaginable, there’s an important step you shouldn’t skip — getting feedback and iterating.

Remember, the road to logo greatness is rarely a one-shot deal. 

Most legendary logos are the result of many tweaks, iterations, and sometimes, complete overhauls.

Seeking feedback isn’t about finding folks who’ll pat you on the back and say, “That’s nice.” Instead, it’s about gaining different perspectives.

Ask your peers, potential clients, or social media followers what they think. 

But remember: you’re not trying to please everyone.

Take the constructive feedback that aligns with your brand and goals, and leave the rest.

What’s Next?

If you’re craving more guidance, we’ve got you covered! 

Check out our course Oh Hey, New Brand, where we guide you through our step-by-step process for creating a brand that’s as unique as you are.

We’ll help you design your logo, color palette, fonts, and graphics — so you can attract customers who love what you do AND charge a premium.

So if you’re ready to dive deeper and want some extra helping hands along the way, come join us! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

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