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Getting started with Showit:

DIY Website Guide

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This guide walks you through everything you need to know, from importing the template to launching your new site to the world!

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How to Install a Showit Template

detailed instructions:

(Have an existing account? Open Account Settings first & click "Create a New Design.")

Log into Showit, click "Your Designs" and then "Add Design to Library." Enter your Share Key.

Install your template


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A Share Key is a code you'll use to add your template to your Showit account. If your template is from our shop, you'll find it in the PDF that's linked in your delivery email.

Copy your share key


How to Create a New Showit Account

Step-by-step tutorial:

You'll need a Showit account to access your new template. (Don't have one yet? Use this link to sign up and get a month free!)

Create a Showit Account


Note: If you've already loaded your template into Showit, you can skip these steps.

Access your template

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Prepare your Content

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