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How to Create a New Showit Account

We’ve built websites on pretty much every platform out there, and we can confidently say that Showit is hands-down the absolute best.

Not only is it the easiest to use, but it comes integrated with WordPress to give you the design magic of Showit plus the SEO power of WordPress — all in one seamless experience.

What are you waiting for?
Let’s get you signed up!

Watch the video or follow the step-by-step instructions below to create a new Showit account.

00:00: Hi guys this is a quick tutorial about how to create a show in account 00:04: You’re going to start on the Showit homepage. If you use the link below this video, you’ll get one month free when you subscribe. 00:12: Then to get started, click create your site 00:15: When you see this pop-up that says start your free trial go ahead and put in your email address 00:20: Showit’s then going to ask you to create your account. You’re going to create your login information, agree to their terms of service, and again click Submit. 00:28: Then you should get a confirmation email. Go ahead and open this up and click that big blue button to confirm your email address 00:35: And you’re going to go to the login screen and if it doesn’t redirect you the URL as app. Show it. Co and it’ll put in your email address in your password 00:45: You’ll need to choose a design in order to view the subscription options so for now just go ahead and select that first design means simple 00:53: And then click start with this design 00:55: Once the website editor loads click on the button up in the top right corner that says subscribe 01:01: Okay so now it’s time to choose your plan. There are three show at plans available on most people are going to fall into the first one or the second one so if you do not need a Blog on your website you can go ahead and pick that first one at $19 a month if you do need a Blog on what you’re planning either to start from scratch or you’re going to manually move over any blog posts and you can go ahead and choose that second option that’s $24 a month if for some reason you won’t show it to migrate all of your old block post over from Squarespace or WordPress or if you know that you have a need for an advanced WordPress plugin then that is going to be option number three that you’ll need the $34 a month and then with any of these you can just pay it monthly or yearly whichever works better for you 01:48: Once you choose your plan you’re going to see a page that looks like this click proceed to checkout and then go through the checkout process 01:55: And once you’re done if it doesn’t automatically redirect you you can go back to app. Show it. Co sign in and get started reading your website check out our other videos on how to get started using showit

Step 1. Visit the Showit website

Use this link to visit the Showit website and get one month free!

To get the process started, click the button labeled Create your site.

Step 2. Start your free trial

Enter your email address into the pop-up field and click Submit.

This will begin your 14-day free trial.

Step 3. Create your account

Showit will ask for several pieces of information, including your name, current website, how you heard about Showit, and your contact info.

Then you’ll be asked to create a password, and once you click Submit, your account will officially be created.

Step 4. Confirm your email address

You won’t be able to subscribe to Showit until you confirm your email address, and it’s easiest to do it at this point.

The email you receive from Showit should look similar to the one shown below.

Step 5. Log into Showit

Once your email is confirmed, navigate back to the Showit website and use your new username and password to log in.

Note: If you log in using Safari or Firefox, you’ll see the message below. Showit requires the Chrome browser in order to work correctly. You can download Chrome for free here.

Step 6. Choose a design

You’ll need to choose a design in order to view the subscription options. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to revisit this page later to choose a different design or import a template.

For now, select the first design named Simple and click Start with this design.

Step 7. Subscribe to Showit

Once the website editor loads, click on the button in the top right corner that says Subscribe.

Step 8. Choose your plan

There are 3 Showit plans available:

1. Showit: Choose this option if you do not need a blog.

2. Showit + Basic Blog: Choose this option if you are starting a new blog or manually moving existing blog posts over from your old blog.

3. Showit + Advanced Blog: Choose this option if you want Showit to migrate old blog posts over from Squarespace or WordPress, or if you know you have a need for advanced WordPress plugins.

Choose to pay monthly or yearly, whichever works for you.

Step 9. Complete your payment

You will be prompted to complete your payment, and your subscription to Showit will be active.


Next Steps:

If you’re working with us on a Website Restyle, you can now return to your Brand Assignment.

If you’ve purchased a Website Template, you can import your new design by following the instructions in this article: How to customize and launch a Showit website template

Happy creating!

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