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It's bold & polished, it gets you noticed, and it perfectly represents your business.

it all starts with your special sauce

Our specialty is unlocking the unique value behind your brand that'll take you from:

"My customers won't pay those prices."


"I'm worth a premium."

if you’re feeling any of these...

Creating new content that you're proud to put out takes way too long.

You don't believe your customers will pay the higher prices you should be charging.

You're not confident proudly promoting your brand, and you know that's holding you back.

You have trouble nailing down your style.

You find yourself competing on price. may be missing a few strategic brand elements. good news: we can help!

But not just any brand. A powerful, beautiful, strategic brand.

Our process is different. It unlocks the key elements that others skip over for the sake of a cheaper package.

Luckily, we know your brand's visuals and copy are only as strong as its strategic foundation, and we're OBSESSED with getting yours right.

let’s make you a brand

ready to have some fun?

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how we do it

Design your brand visuals

We'll get laser-focused on your unique differentiators and your positioning within your market.

We'll create all the elements you need to bring your brand to life visually, including several logo variations, brand fonts, cohesive color palette.

We'll discover who they are & how you provide unique value to them.

Discover your brand messaging & voice

We'll uncover your primary brand messaging and help you write copy that resonates with your avatar.

Set you up for success

We’ll make sure you have everything you need—including how-to guides & video training—to put your new brand into action. 

Identify your ideal customer avatar

Establish your brand positioning

the goods

•  Brand Strategy
•  Brand Creative Direction
•  Brand Guide
•  Curated Moodboard
•  Color Palette
•  Font Selections

what you get

•  Primary Logo
•  Alternate Logo
•  Custom Wordmark
•  Web Favicon
•  Final Web & Print Files

why you’re gonna love it

easy peasy

Our process is streamlined with a focus on client ease. You’ll know exactly what’s happening when, and there's lots of space for input & feedback.

best in the biz

We’re formally trained in graphic design and we have 25+ years combined experience building, launching, and growing brands. We know what works.


We do more than just make things pretty. We help you get clear on how you're unique & set you apart from your competition.


We LOVE this work, we're obsessed with lifting up other entrepreneurs, and our excitement about working with you shows in everything we do.


We’ll make sure you have everything you need to use your new brand (and make it look amazing) out in the real world.

we're in it with you

Creating a brand to represent your dreams is extremely emotional & personal. You can feel indecisive, confused & unsure. We know what it’s like and we’re here for you.

Trusted by

why we’re the ones for the job

We’ve designed for million-dollar brands and seven-figure influencers.

We've learned what works & what falls flat. You get all our experience & knowledge baked into your brand.

Shannon left her 9-to-5

“Jess & Gwen’s branding leadership created confidence in me to transition from a full-time corporate role to living my aspirations and dreams as CEO of my own business.”

real results

beth launched her dream biz

"This has seemed impossible to me for YEARS and it really broke my heart. I’m just so happy and full of gratitude and joy. You’re simply a blessing."

i'll have what she's having

we may be a perfect fit if...

You have a strong vision and you're clear on your offering.

You know your target market.

You struggle to demonstrate your value to potential customers.

You find yourself competing on price.

You want to be taken seriously as an established business & be able to confidently charge a premium.

You’re ready to invest at least $5,000 into your business.

You're ready for us to get OBSESSED with your success.

feeling it?

ready to dive in?

Let's supercharge your business and set you up for long-term success. 

Our signature branding package starts at $5,000. We offer multiple payment plan options.

love letters

We knew what we liked and wanted to say, but just didn’t know how to pull it all together. Gwen & Jess helped us determine and find our styles, our message, our voice, and how we wanted our brand to be positioned. The process was fun and our new branding is spot on!

—Linda B., Co-Founder,
Your Awakened Heart

OMG! These are so incredible! I literally cried when I saw them. All my dreams you visually wrapped up in such an incredible way. I saved them on my phone and savored them all day.

—Shannon W., CEO,
Thrive Coaching & Consulting

If there's ONE thing in your business worth investing in, it’s your brand. Hey Hello is the only studio I recommend if you want to get it done right. Gwen + Jess are one of a kind. They have a knack for innovation.

—Dee Bailey, COO,
Danielle LaPorte, Inc.

still on the fence?

We totally get it. It's a big decision. We're here to answer any lingering questions you have.

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