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Choosing fonts for your brand and website

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Choosing the right fonts for your brand and website is more than just an aesthetic decision; it’s about finding the visual voice of your brand. The fonts you select will play a critical role in how your message is received. This guide will help you navigate the process of selecting your primary brand fonts, including […]

Choosing Fonts for your Brand & Website


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Identifying Your Ideal Client Avatar Identifying your ideal client avatar is the first & most important step in defining your brand strategy. It can be a really in-depth process, and can sometimes get a little unwieldy.  There are a lot of 50-page workbooks out there telling you to identify everything from what your ideal client […]

5 Steps To Defining Your Ideal Client Avatar

Brand Strategy

DIY Logo being created in Canva

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Creating Your Own Logo Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room… You may be thinking: “Aren’t you branding designers? Aren’t you basically sharing the secrets of the thing you do to make money?”  Well, yes and…yes.  Here’s the deal. We know not everyone is in the position to invest in a custom branding designer. Maybe […]

DIY Logo Design: Tips & Tricks For Creating Your Own Logo

Logo Design

3 Easy Steps to Discovering Your Unique Brand Aesthetic | Hey Hello Studio

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Identifying your Brand Style Your brand style, or brand aesthetic, is the overall vibe or personality of your brand.  It often describes how your clients or customers feel when they interact with your business. Do you want to come off as a laid-back friend? Or a sophisticated authority? There’s no right or wrong answer. The […]

How to Discover Your Unique Brand Style

Brand Style

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Create an impactful color palette for your brand

Step-by-step training & plug-and-play templates that show you EXACTLY how to create an impactful color palette for your brand.

The Color Workshop

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