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How to Update your Website Navigation in Showit

How to Update your Website Navigation in Showit

Before beginning to add your content to your new Showit website template, it’s a good idea to outline what pages will make up your site & what they’ll be named in your navigation.

Start by using your template as a blueprint. Make a list of the pages you want on your site, and then note the general info you know you’ll want on each page.

In order to update your website navigation, you’ll need to understand how links and site canvases work in Showit. The video below explains how to use click actions for links and how to update and simplify your navigation with canvas sets.

Updating your Navigation

Important Note: Any changes you make to your navigation will need repeated on each of the following Site Canvases*: 

  • Nav: Navigation viewed on desktop
  • Mobile Nav: Navigation viewed on mobile
  • Footer: At the bottom of every page on your site

*A Site Canvas is a reusable section that will look the exact same on any page it’s placed on. If you make a change to a Site Canvas, that change will be reflected on all pages where it’s present. Learn more about Site Canvases.

Deleting Demo Blog Templates

Before adjusting the navigation, delete the following Blog Templates, which were only created for use in the template demo:

  • Demo Blog – Delete This
  • Demo Single Post – Delete This

(Templates not purchased from Hey Hello Studio may not have the Demo Blog Templates listed above.)

If you’re planning to have a blog, make sure to update the “Blog” link in the navigation, so it’s not pointing to one of the demo templates you just deleted.

Make any additional changes needed to the navigation, such as changing the names of the pages, deleting unneeded links, or updating the destinations where they’re linked to.

Don’t forget to repeat on all three Site Canvases listed above!

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