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Get a polished brand identity, customized for your business, in days or weeks instead of months.

Semi-Custom Brand Kits


Each semi-custom brand includes a robust logo suite, custom-made elements, a curated color palette, and font selection. We work with you to customize the elements so it reflects your brand’s unique vibe. 

without the wait or price tag.

All the polish of a custom brand,

Our semi-custom brands are crafted for a quick, budget-friendly transformation. Exclusive yet accessible, each of our brand kits is only sold 5 times each, ensuring your brand maintains a unique edge.

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Sophisticated  |  Minimal  |  Refined

Willow Lane

Bold  |  Edgy  |  Modern

Friday Studio

Eclectic  |  Confident  |  Unique

The Curiousity Co.

Limited Edition

Each brand is limited to just 5 sales. So, while it’s not one-of-a-kind, it’s pretty darn close!


Get that polished vibe without emptying your pockets.

Fast-Track Your Branding

Need a refresh, like, yesterday? These ready-to-go brands mean minimal wait time.

why choose a semi-custom brand?

Tailored for You

We customize the logo suite & color palette to match your brand's vibe.


Get your new brand and share it everywhere

How it works


Choose a semi-custom brand kit that you love


Share the details of your business with us

Get ready to stand out & attract the right clients — all while keeping an eye on the budget.

During your Design Span, we’ll customize the logo suite to match your business name, create a custom color palette for your brand, and adjust one additional element of your choosing. Our #1 priority is to craft something that's unique & represents your brand’s style, so if you need extra elements customized, we can chat about adding them on at our hourly rate.

Once you’re onboarded and complete your brand assignment, we'll have everything wrapped up in just 2 days. This includes customizing your brand, sending you the preview, making any revisions, and passing off your final files.

One round of revisions is included in each customization package. We’ve found that between our brand assignment and one round of revisions, we’re able to make sure everything feels just right. However, additional revisions can be added on at our hourly rate if needed. 

Due to licensing rules, we can’t share the fonts directly with you, so we’ll provide a list with links for you to purchase. We aim to choose free or affordable fonts, typically around $30, and they can be written off as a business expense.

Each semi-custom brand is sold only 5 times to make sure it’s as limited edition as possible.

We’ll also tailor the logo suite to match your business name, create a custom color palette for your brand, and adjust one additional element of your choosing to make sure it’s unique and personalized.

If you need extra elements created or customized, let’s chat! We may be able to add them on at our hourly rate.

Due to the digital, customized nature of this product & service, we can't offer returns. But we're here to make sure you're thrilled with your brand, so if you have concerns, be sure to let us know. We're all about making sure you leave this process with a brand you love!

Think of our semi-custom brands as the sweet spot between DIY and fully custom design. They're perfect if you want to benefit from our branding expertise but aren't ready for the investment of a completely custom brand. Ideal for small businesses, those just starting, or anyone wanting to refresh their brand on a budget, our semi-custom options provide a distinctive, high-quality brand identity with enough flexibility to make it yours. If you're still wondering if this is the right fit for you, feel free to drop us a line at – we're here to help guide you through the process!

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The Curiousity Co.

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Friday Studio

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Willow Lane

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