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Ep 2: Building a purpose-driven business with Morgan Scott


Today we’re excited to be chatting with Morgan Scott, founder of The Good Space Co.

The Good Space Co. is a movement to create space for women to feel seen, known, and loved.

They host curated events and experiences, the largest of which is the annual Good Space Collective – which aims to bring women together for a day of inspiration and L.A. creative conference vibes.

About the Episode

We chat about building a business driven by the desire to help people, and we find out how someone puts together a successful day-long creative conference with no prior experience.

We also talk about how being happy all the time isn’t a thing, what we all find ourselves doing when we don’t want to deal with something, and the different types of perfectionism.


Learn more about The Good Space Collective & get tickets for the 2022 event!

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Episode Transcript

Hello, and welcome to Seriously Creative. I’m Jess.

And I’m Gwen. And today we have the pleasure of talking to Morgan Scott, founder of The Good Space Co, which is a local movement that hosts curated events for women. And their biggest event of the year is their annual Good Space Collective. They created it to bring LA creative conference vibes to Cleveland.

Morgan is such a light. I don’t know how else to describe her. She’s so optimistic and passionate and she’s always smiling. She’s like the sunshine emoji in human form.

She really is.

But this episode was so interesting because she really opened up about her own insecurities, what she calls stuffing, which I think is what we all do and we don’t wanna deal with something. And just her journey through that and how she does stay so optimistic. So it was really inspiring and really interesting. And I think you guys are gonna really enjoy this.

We also talk quite a bit about how Morgan got started with events. Like how do you end up doing something like the collective?

Yeah. It’s so huge and there’s so much involved in it. So yeah, that was my first question was like, how do you get there? Very interesting. Okay. So enjoy Morgan, Scott.

And like you have the perfect podcast voice.

She does have a really good podcast voice.

I mean, you have the dreamy podcast voice that everyone wants.

You do, actually. I meant to tell you that the one time cuz like mine is really raspy and like deep and then I’m just like, I’m just gonna put you to sleep.

Welcome to the, the Calm app tonight. We’re reading a nighttime story.

Maybe I’ll make a ASMR little side thing.

Okay. So tell us a little bit about the Good Space Collective first, and then we’ll go back and hear more about how you came up with it and how you got here.

Yeah. Okay. So The Good Space Collective is our annual event with The Good Space Co, so Good Space Co started out as mostly retreats.

We would do like a full day experience. So it was all about nutrition, yoga, wellness, and then graphic design. So we kind of curated. It was cool because you can really take all of your friends’ talents, you know, when you’re in a room and you’re like, oh my gosh, you’re so good at this.

And that’s not my skill. And you’re so good at this. And you can piece it all together. Yep. And that’s really what we did. We had a nutritionist who was excellent at cooking demos, myself who had just gotten certified as a yoga instructor. And then Amanda, who did all of the graphic design, creative DIY. So we created these full day retreats where you would show up, you would do a yoga class, like really get relaxed and Zen, and then we would do something hands on.

So get you out of your head, get you creating something really cool. And then end the day with a nutrition demo. So you would cook your own lunch. You would eat.

Ooh, that that’s so fun.

Yeah. Fun.

So you would eat with your fellow attendees, get to know each other’s stories and we loved it. We loved hosting these retreats, but ultimately we knew we wanted to do something on a little bit bigger scale.

And that was always the dream of doing the collective. So we got inspired from a conference out in LA. So if you heard of like Create and Cultivate or Yellow Collective, we had attended one of those. We actually attended one of each one of Yellow and one of Create and Cultivate. And we were like, this is. I left completely reinvigorated and recharged.

And it was so amazing to go to an experience like that. But to have to buy a plane ticket, buy the expense of the conference, you know, travel. It’s not something you can necessarily do every year. And that kind of created the nugget of the idea. Like what if you didn’t have to travel? What if you could just drive 15 minutes, 20 minutes.

And it was right here in Cleveland, you know, we have so many amazing, amazing women and entrepreneurs and creatives right here in our backyard. And we don’t have anything like this. I mean, we have business conferences, but nothing creative to really make you feel like recharged and inspired. So that was the heart behind the collective.

That’s awesome. Is yoga and wellness… has that always been something that you’ve been interested in?

Yeah, so growing up in my family my mom is really into wellness. And part of it is just her own journey through a lot of. Injuries you know, battling different things like thyroid or just even food allergies.

Like she’s very restricted on no gluten, no dairy, no added sugar. So throughout my upbringing, it was really, that’s how she healed herself was all holistic nutrition. So it was always something witnessing firsthand was like the power of exercise and movement and taking care of your body through what you’re eating, not necessarily just medication.

So growing up with that, I loved, you know, nutrition and wellness, and then it was always a dream of mind to be yoga certified. So doing that experience was. It was really cool. Yeah. That’s amazing. What drove you guys to want to do like a day retreat? Like where do you start with that? You seem to like to teach mm-hmm

Is that where it started? Yeah, I think for, for us or at least for me, it really started at a conference. I was sitting at yellow and. , it was my first time ever around entrepreneurs. I grew up in very much like corporate. My parents were, you know, my mom was in sales. My dad was in finance. It was always, the corporate ladder was all I really ever envisioned for my life.

And then listening to these people create something out of nothing and be like, I have this idea and I just did it and I brought it to life and here’s. Where I’m using the finances to give back or here’s the do good model to the business? It was always about serving people. Mm-hmm and so. That ignited something in my spirit where I was like, I wanna do that.

Like, that is what I think I was like created to do, like I have these gifts or I have these people with these gifts, you know, in my life. And we just felt like there was sort of that lack of like, you can go to a yoga class or you can go to a workshop, but you’re not getting that authentic connection all the time to really see like, After the yoga class, Hey, how are you doing?

You know? Yeah. You, you grab your shoes, you book it out of there as fast as you can and you head home. So just trying to create space for more authentic conversation and just having people have time for themselves and, you know, put your phone away. It’s not about the social media. It’s, it’s really about like your own experience with the people in the room and with the people with yourself.

I love the, I love how you say like, Because I feel that way too. Like we are in corporate you’re in the corporate world for so long. And so you always just like, imagine yourself fitting as a cog into like a bigger thing. Mm-hmm mm-hmm and then. You get together. And this is what I feel like the like pulling these people together, these events or retreats is like, you get together with a group of people who inspire you mm-hmm and who are all doing these great things.

And it does open up your mind a little bit more. Yeah. Because I felt like that too. In the corporate world, it was like, well, this is where I entered and now I’ve built this reputation. So like, this is what my. Livelihood is, and it doesn’t have to be just that. I just think that’s so it’s such an interesting point.

Yeah. I think it it’s exactly what you’re saying. It sort of offers like a break in your day to day or something that maybe gives you like a pivot point where you’re, we don’t have, you know, you get in the real world, you don’t have summer vacation anymore. You don’t have spring break, like, unfortunately, unfortunately.

So you just keep going through each day and until you have like an experience or something that gives you that moment to pause. Whether it’s, you know, being furloughed during COVID or anything you know, taking a leave or just traveling, but it opens up your mind to be like, is this really what I wanna do?

Or what else is there? Yeah. What’s your background in? Like, what did, what would you go to college for, with ju marketing? Okay. So how is that helped with all of this? Because that has to be a huge piece. I think you said you guys sold. The first good space collective in like hours. Is that right? is that for good marketing or is that just a good concept?

That, oh my gosh. Who, who even knows? I think I would like to say it was good marketing, but I truly think it was the right people. I think, you know, when you hire the right people or you find the right people to be a part of something that kind of sells itself, like, I always say this, but getting Kelsey Elizabeth cakes as her keynote speaker, she.

Herself. I mean, her brand, her mission, her values, the credibility of how great her food and creative products are. Like, she just, it having her on board, I think was just something where people were like, wow, I’ve always wanted to hear what her story is or be in the same room as her. Right. And so that sold a lot of tickets.

And then, and did you know her? Yeah. How did you get her? that’s a great. Because I think you, you feel comfortable just approaching people and Ming like, Hey, do you want, which I think is a. Trade as well. Yeah, it was, it was through a friend of a friend. So I’m a huge advocate of like building connections.

I’m I tend to be a connector where you’re, you could be in a room with me and it’s like, oh, how do you know each other? And it sort of somehow magically comes back to, oh, that we all met through Morgan. Yeah. And it’s like, I love, I love that. I love bringing people together. Or when you meet someone you’re like, oh my gosh, you have to meet Jess.

Like you have to meet Gwen. You guys would just hit it off. So that’s kind. How I just innately am is connecting people, but. Kelsey was, you know, somebody that we had just dreamed up, like if we could have any keynote speaker at this event, who would it be? And she was one of the people at the top of our list.

And I honestly didn’t think that we would get her cuz she is, you know, busy, she’s running three shops or whatever at the time she was opening another one and. A friend of a friend knew her. And so I asked, you know, would you help me make the connection? And so I got on a zoom call with Kelsey and I sort of laid out the vision for the event.

And she said, yes. And that’s awesome. That was like a jaw on the floor kind of moment for me, cuz I was like, wow. We have like a really amazing keynote speaker. This makes me wanna make the day even better just to elevate her right. For believing in us, you know, make sure it’s great. Is there any pressure that comes with that?

Like, did you feel nervous? Did you feel like, oh my God, what if this, what if for me I would be like, What if nobody registers, like nobody’s gonna, that’s like always anything that we do. What if no one shows up though? Yeah. Do you ever, do you have that or were you just like confident in what you were creating?

Oh, no, I was totally, I was, I, I don’t think I believed it was gonna sell out until it actually sold out. We were standing. I always laugh about this memory cuz Ryan, my now husband. But at the time my fiance, we were standing in my kitchen and we had just launched tickets and I was like here we go.

Like, I hope somebody wants to come. You know, my mom’s bought a ticket, but like hope somebody else does. And all of a sudden, all these tickets start rolling through and we’re like, oh my gosh, we’ve sold 20 we’ve. 30. We sold 50, like we’ve sold a hundred and it sold out in 24 hours of us launching it. And I was just like dancing around in my kitchen.

Like people wanna be a part of something. I, I knew this was gonna be really cool, but the idea that other people hopefully would find it, you know, value added to them and that you can portray it in a way that people understand it. How long had the good space been in existence before you like launched the So we had done retreats for about a year, and then we were doing like small form events.

And it was really during furlough of COVID. I felt like. This is it, this is the time I have the, the space. I have the hours to be able to plan a big event. So we are in existence about like two and a half years when we launched it. But that’s still like incredibly impressive for that short period of time to have made enough connections in the community.

Like, I think that that speaks highly like of you as a connector. You know, a lot of people it’s, you know, huge like teams and like lots of money going into it and, you know, and you’ve done. Not with money, not, yeah. Like money. I was gonna ask that like, is, was the financial aspect? Yeah. Was it like a motivator?

Was it a demotivated? Like how is that played? Oh, that’s such a good question. My, you know, my dad and my brother are financial planners and they will be the first to be like, you’re not money motivated and it’s true. I think for this one in particular, it was about serving women and it still is. I mean, I think there’s.

At that time, you know, during COVID, there was just so much loneliness and so many women who were. Just feeling super isolated. And we just wanted to create a day that women could come and just feel pampered like this day is just to make you feel good. But yeah, it was definitely grassroots in terms of financials and is the goal to break even is the goal to have the conference bring in enough money to like plan future events, like.

Did you sort of think about that? Yeah. So the goal for the first year was to break even. So we went after sponsorship, cuz we were like, we have this vision and we would love if other businesses or other locals wanna join us alongside this vision to help, you know, serve women. So I was personally floored by how generous people really are.

There were tons of businesses who were like. Yeah, we wanna donate, you know, meals to the attendees so that they can have lunch. Oh, wow. Healthy, nutritious food. That’s amazing. So that was really cool. Just like outrageous things that you would never ask for, but. When you’re creating something and you’re doing it with the right intention.

I think other people are like, yeah. Let’s. Yeah, exactly. So is this something, again, like for those businesses, were they like ones that you already had a relationship with someone within the business? Or did you just like reach out and you’re like, Hey, I have this idea for this thing. Would you be a part of it?

Mm-hmm this that’s amazing. Like, I would be terrifi. To I would like, I, I don’t even think it would cross my mind that like, I can go ask someone to do this. And you’re just like, yeah. I just asked a bunch of people to do this with me. Yeah. And you it’s so funny cuz I, I think somewhere along the line, somebody told me this, but like the worst something or the worst people will say is no.

Yes. Which is terrifying. It is that’s, that’s the thing I think you have to, you have to be not scared of the no and. I’m scared of the number. Yeah. I’m very scared too. People pleaser. I know I am too though, but I think people saying no, like, Hey, sorry, I can’t, you know, be a part of it. That isn’t what gets me.

I think what I’m most afraid of is the critique of like the event, you know? Yeah. Yeah. So like you put something on and people buy their ticket or whatever, and then they come and they’re like, mm didn’t love it. That’s what? Oh, that’s oh, that was kill me. That’s my biggest thing. Yeah. If somebody is like, oh, I, I don’t wanna donate or I can’t be a sponsor.

It’s a bummer, but I can deal with it. But yeah, it’s the after that’s totally true. Yeah. The after you’ve created something and then somebody judges it and you’re like, yes, I’m scared before. Like just scared at the beginning. Like. Before you even get to the event where someone can judge it. Yeah, I know.

It’s crazy. It’s it is a superpower though. Yeah. It’s a good superpower to have. Yeah, it was definitely hard though. Like after, after the collective, I think there were, there were times where it was a lot of great feedback. A lot of people were like, loved it. It was great day feel reinvigorated. I’ve actually watched other people start things because of inspiration from the collective.

And that was like, that’s been the biggest. You know, dream come true is people felt something in that event that inspired them to change their lives or change their, you know, a day. That’s fine too. It doesn’t have to be your whole life, but just change something. But then we also got some feedback that was hard, you know, it was like, Hey, how can you incorporate more inclusivity into your.

Or, you know, things that you set out with really great intention to do, but it didn’t come to fruition and people don’t see your intent. They only seen the, they the action. Yeah. They see the final. So I could have, you know, a ton of stuff lined up and then day off somebody cancels. And it doesn’t matter that they were yeah.

Supposed to be a part of the event. It just, they weren’t there. Right. So that, that for sure was the hardest. Yeah. What about your personal life? So you’re like putting on this event. I have to imagine that it’s taking up a lot of your time. There’s like the, the oversight of the whole thing. Like how did you like take care of yourself, your relationships during that?

Well, that’s such a good question. I feel like. . Yeah, it was, it takes a lot, but I think for me, it creates space for me to like dream and get inspired. And the people that really love me, like love seeing that side of me. Yeah. Like, especially Ryan, you know, he’ll be like, I just love watching you talk about good space.

Like the way you light up and the way you start, just, you know, like brain dumping, like all, all the details and stuff. He loves it. He loves to listen and he wants to. As much as he can too. So he’s taken over some like operational financial stuff and just is, is super encouraging. And what does he. He works in sustainability at Nestle.

So he’s an engineer. I was gonna ask like, is he a creative as well? Or no, he’s a total nerd. , he’ll be the first to say he is like, you know, he’s my operations and I’m the creator. So is that what it’s like at home too? Like in life? That he’s more operational. Yes. Okay. Yeah. So he’s the, he’s the how, and I’m the why?

Like, I’m like, why did you wanna start this? And he’s like, so how did you, like, what steps steps did you do? Yeah. Oh my gosh. That’s so interesting. Does that feel like a balance for you though? Yeah, I love it because he thinks of the things that I. Think of yeah. And he is passionate about the things that I D I’m not passionate about.

So it’s really cool to have somebody kind of like the yin and the yang. And then I have Amanda, you know, my best friend who she is. The even more creative side to me. So she’s like, you know, this is great, but like, what if we did this? And she pushes me and she dreams bigger than me. And so to have somebody on both ends, you know, is really cool.

And so the good space co is not just you, it’s a group of you together, is that right? So the good space co is a sole proprietorship by owned by me. But. It definitely pulls on a bunch of different people depending on what the event is. It’s, it’s great to see like, Nicole, she started out as a nutritionist, but now she’s launched her own nutrition company.

So she’s her own LLC with her company. So I think over time it was sort of like everyone had their own vision and good space was sort of mine. And so. When we host certain events, like if we’re hosting a something with nutrition, Nicole will come and partner. That makes sense. And same thing with graphic design.

I mean, Amanda’s a part of a lot of the collective stuff, but day to day, it is me doing it. Yeah, for sure. And the, so the good space, isn’t the only thing you do. You still work full full-time in corporate. Yep. And what is that balance like? So working full-time in corporate, I think is awesome. You have a lot more hoops to jump through, to get things approved.

I mean, you guys know from working in corporate, like you can have this amazing vision, but by the time you get there, it’s a long runway. So for me, if I wanted to bring something like this to my corporate job, it would take a series of approvals. A lot of edits probably would end up looking a lot different than how it initially started.

And the really cool thing about good space. it, it looks exactly the same as when it first came to my mind, to when it executed. Like it is the only approval process you have is your. Own, you know, moral compass, the people, your board of directors, whoever and you kind of, you make it yours, which is amazing.

And am I remembering correctly that it, at first you were trying to bring it to life in the corporate environment? Yes. For the. Benefit of the people. Yeah. And then found how hard it is. yes. To bring something to life inside. Yeah. So I started, I really wanted to host this event. And I started trying to kind of go down the, the road of pitching it to corporate.

And there was a lot of interest in it. It was like, yeah, this is really great. But there were all, there was a lot of also like. Edits or, or just different things where people were like, okay, but how would this department react to it? Or how would these, these groups of people react to it? So it was definitely gonna take a lot of like changes and edits along the way, but it just so happened that right as we were starting to get going, COVID hit.

And a lot of us were furloughed from our corporate jobs. So it sort of went on hold that’s so fascinating. How something like that can end. Of like birthing something else. It’s like, you have these moments in life that can feel like, oh, my life got turned upside down, or this wasn’t part of the plan or whatever.

And like that there is an opportunity, not for everyone. I mean, obviously there were a lot of people who that was a not good for. But to be able to take it as an opportunity to do something with that time mm-hmm I think is really, it’s just like a powerful reminder. Yeah. Even when things seem bad on the outside a hundred percent.

And I was actually just listening to a podcast the other day, where they were saying our gap in like this generation isn’t knowledge or wisdom, like you can get infinite amount of knowledge off the internet. Our biggest gap is time mm-hmm and that’s the scarcest resources time. And so when you do have something like that, that creates that pause or that break in your day, and you have this gift of time.

It’s. How are you gonna use it? Right. This sounds terrible because COVID has obviously taken a ton of people’s lives and been terrible. But for me, I desperately needed that reset. I was doing so many things. I thought I was doing tons of things that really mattered. But then as soon as COVID hit, I was like, oh my gosh, I’ve just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

And I like none of that stuff, really. I was just doing it cuz I thought I had to, or I thought it was the right thing to do. And I’ve like really lost my way. And it was really big wake up call to me. And I started the hard work of fair of therapy for me signing up the act of like signing up to go to a therapist felt so daunting.

Yep. But doing that was the best thing I ever did for myself. And coming out the other side of anxiety and like being able to kind of work through things that you’ve like either stuffed down, like me, I’m kind of like a stuffer, cuz I’m like, no, I just wanna be happy all the time. And I hate that feeling of just waking up and feeling sad.

Like I’m just not gonna deal with that. And so you just keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it until. It’s sort of take just as like, Nope. You’re not pushing me aside anymore. Yeah. It’s here. That’s so interesting though, because you’re someone on the outside who is so happy and is so like just kind and lovely all the time.

And so it, it is a little bit relatable or feels human to hear that like, oh, that has a consequence as well. Or that, that has some other side of it because it can sometimes feel like, God, why can’t I be like that? Why can’t I just be like happy all the time? Because like, There’s all this. Yes. , it’s just a good reminder of like the same thing that we all see on Instagram.

Like it’s not always what we see on the outside. Like it’s the same thing. When we see people in real life, it’s not what you see or what you perceive. They could be going through some bigger thing and you don’t know about it. Yeah. So did you apply like what you were learning as into the collective? Like, because you were like, I don’t wanna do this anymore.

I’m gonna put this into helping other people heal. Yeah. I mean, I think. When I finally like confronted anxiety in the way of like, here’s all the things that I’ve been really afraid to face, or here are the things that like, I really don’t wanna say, but I like have to find a way to say it. You know, you gain this confidence to be like, my gosh, I freaking have I did it.

I said that. I said whatever it was that I didn’t think I could say, I told you. Parts of me that I thought nobody would ever love or are not lovable. And you still love me. And, oh my gosh. Like you just, you feel like you really conquered something. And I think that freed me up some space to wanna create and wanna dream and wanna like, from a place of love, not a place of striving, not a place of like, I need a matter.

It was just like a place of love, you know? That’s really. Yeah. That’s sort of how the collective came to be was just like, I wanna just give, we are so grateful to have you here listening. We really love making this show for you. And if you love listening to it, please leave us a review on apple podcast.

It helps us reach more people and not gonna lie. It gives us a little bit of a dopamine boost. We really appreciate you.

Going back to the, the stuffing sort of idea. Is there something that like coming out of therapy, like having discovered that that helps you cuz I feel like I do that sometimes too. Cuz I don’t wanna deal with the thing. And just interested if that’s like a, if there’s something that you learned that’s like helped you mm-hmm to be honest, I.

like for whatever reason, because I had become like, I’ll just call it a professional stuffer. Like I was excellent at shoving my feelings aside, and then just pretending I didn’t, like, I was happy. My body, like physically won’t allow me to do that anymore. Like if I’m upset about something, I feel that anxiety right away where it’s like, Oh, my gosh, I have, I have to say it.

Yeah. And so I say almost everything like, especially, you know, Ryan or Amanda or whoever, like those closest people are. If, if there’s something that’s bothering me, I really do voice it. Even if it’s super uncomfortable, but the more I’m doing it, the better, I feel like I’m sort of getting at it where I’m like, Oh, okay.

Brian, can you sit down? And he’s like, okay. Yeah. Like what is it? And I’m like, I don’t wanna say it. And he’s like, you can do it. And like, he encourages me to, to speak up and that’s been really healthy. One of the things that, cuz I’ve been doing therapy recently as well, and it’s been so helpful and insightful even like.

And you’re not looking to necessarily solve a problem, but to like understand the way that you are or the way that you react to things and how it’s connected to like family or childhood or whatever. But one of the things I have such a hard time with is saying no, like I never wanna disappoint people.

And when somebody says like, If I were to say, Hey, do you wanna hang out today? And somebody was just like, no, I don’t feel like it, like, oh, I’d be crushed. And like the, the therapist pointing out, like you have to always think about like, what do, would you want somebody to say yes, if they didn’t want to, would you want like the same thing back?

And I think like, it’s so helpful to think about being on the outside as well. Like, would you want if. Partner was like stuffing things down or like not like, would you wanna not know? And it’s like, oh no, I really, I would wanna know, but having to, I don’t know, like lo like logic yourself into that. That’s like, that’s so true.

Not your good. Yeah, I suck at saying no still. I think there’s always gonna be things that we can get better at part of what I love about the good space is that it, it does focus on highlighting the good parts of you, cuz I think I do tend to be like super self critical so I can see my flaws. Like, you know, other people might be like, what do you mean?

You know, you seem so lovely, but like, I’m like, oh my gosh, I did this and this and this and this wrong today. You know, I, I think it’s very evident where my weaknesses are. But it’s sometimes harder to look at yourself and really highlight your strengths. Yeah. And be like, wow, I’m this is a really great part of me.

So like focusing on the good. Does help you to just see more good and that’s sort of, our mantra is like, you know, see the good cuz when you’re looking for it, you’ll, you’ll find more of it. And when you’re looking for the bad, you’ll find more of it. You’ll find more of it. Yeah. Yeah. Just totally true.

Going back to the question about like the good space code, like what is the future? What’s the future? The business. So in my wildest dreams, I have always wanna live by the ocean. Like that’s my happy place. So Ryan and I have talked about like, would we ever want to start something in Charlotte? Or like, what would we wanna do?

So I think having multi-locations and, and just having branches of the good space would be my dream, or if I was able to do good space full time and just. Pour like my heart and soul in it, that would for sure be a huge dream of mine as well. And I think we’re definitely. In that sort of like dreaming phase of like, yeah, what do we wanna do?

Do you think the good space will always be event based? Or do you see like a branch of it? That’s something different. Yeah. I think one of the biggest things that came out of the collective for me personally, that was super interesting was consulting. So I never, this was never my intent, but after the good space went off and people experienced it, I did have some people reach out and.

Hey, can I hire you to help me bring my vision to life? Which was very not what I would’ve, I didn’t know that was gonna be a thing. So there were some people who, you know, they have their own dream and their own vision and they just need help. Or they’re a small business and they’re running the day to day and they wanna host events in their space.

And I love helping other people bring their vision to life too. Exciting. That is really exciting because I do think there’s never too many reasons to gather with people who are like-minded and have a good uplifting time. I, I, yeah, especially if it’s like something that’s meant to inspire and take care of yourself and focus on the good, like.

There is not enough of that in the world. so a couple weeks ago, my son he’s on a baseball team. And so a couple of the moms, we went to a puzzle competition at like a local bar and it was literally like the fastest team to put together, like a 300 piece puzzle. Andy had a half sheet of pizza, like one, it was some of the, like, most fun that I’ve had in so long.

And, but it’s like that kind of thing. It’s like, there are so many reasons to just get together and do something silly or inspiring or fun or laid back. Like we even thought, like, what if sometime we did like a happy hour in our studio and it’s like, everybody just wore their yoga pants and bare feet.

And like nobody got dressed up or like, there’s just, there’s so much. And so I think like having that be your passion and that be your skillset and be able to like help other people bring those things is so incredible. Well, I think it, it helps combat like, Other big epidemic, which is loneliness. Yes.

Mm-hmm , you know, and I, I have a heart too, for people who are in their post kid stage. I know for my mom, especially like she had this big corporate job and then she poured her heart and soul into raising her kids. And then now we’re grown up and she’s sort of like, well, you know what. What do I wanna do?

And I have this, I have a lot of time on my hands, but I don’t necessarily know what I’m passionate about. And so like, there’s just so many different stages of lives. That’s so true. Yeah. You, you just can find yourself maybe feeling isolated or like you’re the only one. And so I think it’s so awesome when you can have events to bring people together and allow people to make new friends.

I mean, that’s another. Big thing I loved out of the good space was people forming new friendships and being like, oh, I’m getting dinner with Cameron tonight. I’m like, oh my gosh. That’s awesome. You guys are newfound friends because you met at a conference or you met at an event. Yeah, that’s amazing. I think especially coming out of COVID we all got so used to just not going out and doing things and it almost like, like my muscle memory forgot that before COVID.

Most weekends, I had plans. Mm-hmm like, I would be seeing people and then coming outta that, it was like, I had to re remind myself that like, oh, like you have to call people. You have to like, yeah. I’m people are doing, and I’m still learning how to do that. Start learning how to call people. But I also, you know, two small kids, my, my MOS of memory is still like, okay, we, we go home and we have bedtime.

Yes. We watch frozen. And I love that. I mean, I think it’s so. Healthy to have time at home. Like I’ve loved just binging master chef and coming home and not having things on my schedule. That’s been so good for me to balance not to be so planned. So I’ve sort of loved the mindset of like quality over quantity.

And I feel like you guys do that really well, too. Like if you’re gonna do something, you do it with excellence. Truly, anytime I’ve ever seen anything you guys have put on, it has been excellent. Oh, thank you. Thank you. And so you, you know, quality is, is so important just over, like we’re gonna have 50 events this year.

I’m like, I’d rather just have one kick butt event. Yeah. Yeah. And like put all of my energy into that. Yeah. That do you deal. Perfectionism. Oh yeah. because I can imagine, I mean, there’s something really good about planning an event because it has a date and it’s gonna come and it’s gonna happen. And you only have so much time, like sometimes we’ll be ready to launch something that doesn’t have a hard date.

And I could just like tinker with it forever. Cuz there’s a million things that could make better. But do you ever find yourself like down a rabbit hole and you’re like. I don’t have to do this much for this thing. It’s good. How it is kind of thing. Yeah. I, gosh, it’s so interesting. I feel like there’s so many forms of perfectionism.

Like there’s the perfectionism where you don’t feel like something can be put up or shown to the world until it’s perfect. And my perfectionism. is kind of like being perfect myself, like coming across as being perfect. Like I have it together or something. So I feel like there’s different forms of it.

Where for me. Having even having this next event, you know, the fear that comes up in my mind is like, well, it probably is not gonna sell out as fast as last year’s and then are people are gonna be like, oh yeah, this, you know, it was great last year, but it’s not as good this year or those, those kind of fears and doubts for sure.

Yeah. I imagine after a while, you’re you’re always gonna be wanting to. The last one you did. Right? So you want the next one to be, and maybe it’s not even a better, as much as it is different. Mm-hmm but yeah, if you make something different and then people come and they expected, but last year, you know, mm-hmm yeah.

There. Yep. And probably some acceptance that you’re never gonna make everyone happy. Like yeah. If, and we always say like, that’s so hard though. I know we a protectionist in branding. If nobody hates you, nobody loves you. Like everybody just feels like, okay about you because you’re not standing for anything mm-hmm or you’re not really connecting with, you have to not connect with everyone to really connect with some people.

Yeah. But part of the fact that the good space collective was your vision and you brought it to life. It’s like, that’s like a part of you that you like. Birthed. Yeah. And like it be it’s out there in the world for the world to consume. That’s what I feel like every time we create something is like, okay, now I’m like putting it out into the world to be consumed.

And like some people aren’t gonna like it. Yeah. And that’s gonna make me cry at night and it sucks. I mean, I definitely, I’m not gonna lie. Like after the good space collective, there were a few pieces of feedback that I balled my eyes out because it is a part of you and you, it’s not just. On an event it’s feedback on you, like you feel about yourself.

So it’s very vulnerable. It’s very raw. It’s very like, oh my gosh, I’m really putting myself out here. But at the same time, I have never had more joy. Yeah. You know, I, I, and even just like you, it’s so easy to focus on the negative. Learning the lesson of, if you have a hundred positive comments and then three negative ones, don’t go to the three negative ones, as hard as it is.

And it’s our nature to, to go to those, but retraining our minds. It’s hard work. I like, I like the overall concepts though, of the good space that you’re like finding the good you’re focusing on the good cuz. You’re right. Like the more you go down that rabbit hole, the more obsessive you can become or the more like just caught up in it.

And yeah, like the, that reminder to like shift your focus, shift, what you’re paying attention to is we, I mean, we’ve had discussions about this in our own business, cuz we’ll go through, we there’s been a couple times where we’re like, You know, we’re getting like down on ourselves and then all we can see is the bad stuff.

And we we’ve gotten out of the habit, but we were for a while, like in a really good habit of like on Fridays being like, what should we celebrate this week? And that always felt good because then it made us reflect and focus on those good things and then we’d find more good things. And it is you, you always find the more.

Yeah. Why is it that our nature wants to go to the negative? I know I really don’t. I don’t know. It is true though. Cuz there’s something like I forget what it’s called, happiness spectrum or something. And it’s like for every one negative experience, you need five positive. Like the, the heard of this, the ratio is very, very extreme.

Like you, you really do need a ton more positive just to outweigh one negative experience. I’m gonna have to look into this. I haven’t heard about that. It’s that? Yeah. It’s. It’s just the way that we are wired and our brain works, but it does, like, it’s sad to think about that. Like five positive things can be overturned by one negative thing.

That’s really sad. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I was just looking on, you know, like I do on Instagram and I saw that what the lead actress from. Crazy rich Asians. She actually attempted suicide and I was reading about it and I was like, oh my gosh, this girl was gorgeous. And she did an amazing job acting. And, and the critique of, of that experience was enough to make her feel like she wasn’t worth living so terrible.

And it’s like, that’s awful. Yeah, and it, I think it’s just such an important reminder. Like when people are putting themselves out there and people are, you know, stepping out into the arena to do something, especially women, we need to be uplifting and encouraging of each other because it is very vulnerable and it’s very scary.

And, you know, we, we’re all kind of just doing our best out here. and I think even if something isn’t your cup of tea, like you can still be kind in your feedback, like. There’s something with the anonymity of feedback online, where it’s like, oh, people feel like they can say anything because they’re like behind a computer screen.

Mm-hmm , there’s also, I saw someone recently talking about how women supporting women like that. Oftentimes when we have trouble. Like supporting another woman doing something it’s because it’s of our own insecurities and it’s so hard. Like, gosh, that’s like hard to like then take the inner look and be like, okay, what is, what do I not appreciate about myself?

Yeah. That I’m putting it on this other woman that I can’t support them doing well, because why wouldn’t we support another woman living out their dream or doing something really well? That’s so true. Yeah. I mean, and I. Your guys’ relationship. It reminds me in a way of sort of Amanda and I, where like, I tend to be more the businessy person and the organized person.

And Amanda is like the creative, you know, genius. And it’s super easy, even within your friendships to get stuck in that comparison and be like, oh, well, I’m not as creative as Amanda. And she’s so good at this and blah, blah, blah. And it’s I think truly like the gift of friendship that highlights each other and can.

Like you guys do. I mean, compliment yeah. Compliments each other. And you know, you guys bring like the, we do bring very different things, different things. Yes. And we, we still get into the things sometimes where I’ll be like, God, I’m sorry. I like haven’t like created anything this week. And she’s like, but you’ve like been fixing the ads and I don’t wanna fix the ads.

And I’m like, I don’t wanna do the Crete. it’s like, we don’t, we’re both like in our lane, but we. Feel guilty. So I feel like there’s like some, I think it’s the people pleaser part of us though. Mm-hmm yeah. Like we’re like you are carrying a larger load because we put more, we’re always, we put more value on the thing that the other person is doing, but we’ve tried over the past couple years as we’ve been doing this, like.

This is your zone of genius. This is my zone of genius. Instead of like in the beginning, we’re like, we’ll just be 50, 50 everything because we both wear creatives and we, we both can do everything. And we’re like, this is not working. Yeah. Like it just there, I think it was actually, it was our first course.

Yeah. The first course that we created, it was like, well, I’ll do a lesson and then you’ll do a lesson. Then I’ll do a lesson. And like, I struggled doing lessons. Well, I was like, I recorded mine. And then Gus, like, it took me all day to record one. And I’m like was like a 20 minute lesson by the. I’m like, if you don’t wanna do that part, you don’t have to.

And that was the other thing of like giving ourselves and each other permission to just like, I don’t really wanna do this part of this. So do you want to cuz if you do, and I don’t, this seems like a no brainer. Yeah. Like I love being behind the scenes. I love, I love you for that. I love you for that.

Yeah. I think it’s really, really special to have somebody that you enjoy working with you enjoy creating with and. Yeah. Removing those like restrictions in your mind to be like, okay, what, like, you know, if you have energy on this, like roll, roll on, cuz eventually, maybe it’ll change. And you know, we’re always evolving and changing and that’s the other hard thing is like what’s working now is gonna change and you’re constantly trying to be like, okay, I thought we had it figured out, but now pivot, you know?

Yeah. I think that’s also, that’s a little bit of our corporate upbringing. The pivoting is bad. We’ve been doing a lot of work on giving ourselves the permission that like, it’s not bad. We just have new information or circumstances have changed. So we’re allowed to change what we’re doing and what our priorities are.

If things don’t feel right anymore. I love it. And the more creative people we surround ourselves with the more we all feel comfortable pivoting. So like Erin from heyday collective is. One of our good friends and sometimes we’ll get together and be chatting with her and like, she’ll have just been, like, I decided that like, I’m pivoting my business and it’s not gonna be, this is gonna be this.

And like, then I, it, it makes me feel like we can do that too. It’s like very inspiring when you see other people who are not afraid to change course. And then the more we all do that and the more we all normalize it, it feels better. Yeah. Like that’s a big. That’s a big struggle. Yeah. Cuz you feel like, well, well it seem like we’re wishy washy.

Exactly. Or doesn’t seem like we don’t know what we want, which is also something you could say about like stereotypically has been said about women or stereotypically has been said about creatives, that we’re all over the place. So we’re up in the air. And so it’s like, can I just. Say something. I saw something recently that’s like men have done such a really good job of telling us that women are emotional.

When did anger not become an emotion? Right. like, I was like, oh my God, we have, we’ve been brainwashed. Yes, we have. We’ve all been brainwashed. That’s so funny. Yeah. I think that’s really cool. And. I feel like you’re right. It does kind of it again, opens your mind to be like, wait a second, maybe I wanna do something different.

Or like, what do I wanna try? That’s new. Yeah. And for me, a, a big part of that is travel too. Like I, whenever I get to go somewhere new or where, whenever I get to even just visit a new part of Cleveland new part of the city, it just opens my mind so much. And me too, just reminding. I am a creature of habit.

I love to go to the same coffee shop a million times over in order, the same latte, but like trying new things. yeah. And that again, like going back to COVID, there was so much sameness mm-hmm and it really made me realize how much inspiration and creativity I get off of. Being off of traveling off of just being out and about doing new things, exploring new places.

Like it’s so important. And I like have a new appreciation for that. And, and when I feel stuck at work, it’s like, I know I need to get out and go and do something. Like I used to just push myself. Like if I sit at this computer longer, I’ll be able to finish the thing. And then. Hardly ever works. oh my gosh.

I totally resonate with that. I feel the same. I’ll be like, okay, I just need like two hours and I’m gonna sit here and then I’m gonna get it done. And no, sometimes you walk away, you do something, you come back and like takes you 15 minutes and it’s like, oh yeah, I just needed like a mental reset or some inspiration or something.

Yeah, totally. And I think even with this good space, collective. You know, I just came off of wedding planning. So like I’m even getting myself amped up. And I, I, we intentionally made it November because I was like, well, you know, summer timeframe, June, like that’s our wedding date. And then after that, that’s when I’m gonna really have some space to like dream the next mm-hmm

And so now is like the, the time where I’m. All things good space are just starting to flow again. And it does it, it can feel scary sometimes when you’re in that creative rut, cuz you’re like, okay, the days are ticking away and I’m still not feeling inspired, but when it, when it flows and like, The kind of doors open again.

You’re like, oh, okay. Right. We’ve got this. Yeah. Creates breath. Sometimes I feel like I’m like, okay. But I have to hold onto it. Like don’t scare it away. Yeah. If people want to register for the good spaces, there’s still are there still tickets. Okay. So we haven’t launched tickets. Okay. And will they launch, they’re gonna launch.

Either late August early September. Okay. We, so we’re currently in the process of securing the team the planning team. So if you’re interested in being a part of the planning team, you can either email us off of our website or you can just message us on Instagram, DMs. We’re always checking our inbox there.

But basically the good space collective is coming November 13th. The theme is renewal. So it’s all about softness and slowing down and renewing your own individual passions. And then just reflecting on what you’re, how you’re showing up and is it what you wanna be doing? And that some of that internal kind of.

Love for yourself. We’re so thankful because Hey Hello Studio actually created all of the creative assets for the event. So we’re gonna be launching a ton of awesome creative assets and, and new info in the next month or two. So yeah, it’s, it’s gonna be great. And it’s gonna be a day of just all things good. And I think there’s gonna be even, even more deep, meaningful conversation than last year, so amazing.

And then if people wanna follow you, what is your handle on Instagram?

Yeah, you can find us at @goodspacecle.

And then what about website?

Our website is thegoodspaceco.com.


Well, we love you so much, Morgan. We are so excited, excited to be at The Good Space Collective this year. And hopefully collaborate on many more things in the future. Thanks for joining us today.

Thank you guys so much for having me. This was so fun. Thank you.

We love you. All right. Talk soon.

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