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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.

all sales are final

• 20 Pages:
    • Cover (3 options)
    • Project Summary (Why We're Here)
    • Client Needs
    • Service Descriptions (3 options)
    • Add-On Service Description
    • About Us
    • Working With Us
    • Our Process (2 options)
    • Custom Proposal (2 options)
    • Next Steps
    • Thank You
    • Title Pages
• Editable in Canva (free program)
• Stock photos courtesy of Unsplash
• Uses free fonts
• Ability to edit brand fonts & colors
• Ability to swap out all photos

product specs

This simple proposal template is optimized for landing that next freelance job, whether it's a design, web design, consulting, interior design, or digital marketing project. Ideal for UpWork project bids and custom client jobs.

perfect for freelancers

Using Canva’s FREE drag-and-drop tool, you can easily edit this template to match your brand in minutes, without installing any software. Several sections also come in multiple layout options, making it flexible to your unique needs.

easily customize for your brand

The hardest part of creating a proposal is often coming up with what to write. That's why we've added notes and idea-starters in every text field, including tips on how to speak to your clients’ vision and make it easy for them to say "YES!"


We’ve spent years testing proposal strategies & formats, optimizing it to get the highest booking rate with our own clients.


This modern, sophisticated proposal template is a series of 20 strategically-designed layouts that makes it simple to deliver all the information needed to land that next job.

Perfect for freelancers, creatives, designers, marketers, coaches, and consultants.

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sophisticated proposal template

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