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just starting out

In Oh Hey, New Brand, we guide you through our step-by-step process for creating a brand that’s as unique as you are — including a logo, color palette, fonts, and graphics — so you can attract customers who love what you do AND charge a premium.


proudly promoting your brand

The course that takes you from:

starting out

If you’ve ever thought...

...You’re in great company.

I want my brand to look better, but don’t know where to start

I feel indecisive about visuals have trouble deciding on one direction

I know what I like, but when I try to create it, it never looks as good

I'm nervous to put something out there and then have people judge it

I can't tell if what I'm doing is good, so I end up spiraling and giving up

We talk to so many entrepreneurs who aren’t confidently promoting their business because 

they don’t feel legitimate.

they know they need a

But they're low on time & money, and have two equally bad options for branding:

polished, professional brand

that didn't seem fair.
so, we created a better option.

Pay thousands for a custom designer


Spend a ton of time trying to DIY it

they can either...

Oh Hey, New Brand includes ALL the guidance, tools, and templates needed to create a polished brand in just a few weeks — even if you have zero design skills.

get started

Feeling EXCITED to put new content out because your brand is solid and focused, and your people WANT to hear from you.

it’s all possible & waiting for you. 

We created this program that includes step-by-step training, templates, and an incredible stack of bonuses (a total value of over $5,000) to make it easier for you to have a brand you love and are proud to promote.


Nothing else like this exists on the market today.

Being able to confidently say, "This isn’t just a hobby. This is my business. Here are my rates. I’m the best at X."

Designing your website, knowing your colors, fonts, and styling are all figured out.

Having something to say and posting an on-brand graphic on social in less than 5 minutes.

The tailored lessons, relatable examples, and endless support made the end goal feel doable without a ton of stress. This was definitely the best investment for myself and my future. These ladies know their sh!# and I freakin' adore them! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I came out of the course with a cohesive, polished brand book that I am so, so proud of. I LOVED working with Jess & Gwen, my amazing teachers & cheerleaders! It was absolutely worth every penny! 


Owner, Eye Style Homes


Founder, Cashew Mamma & Get the Glow Studio

To help you create & grow a profitable business you LOVE.

Today, we only work with small businesses, and we have a single mission:

We spent 10 years working for million-dollar brands & influencers before deciding to create our own branding & design studio.

We’re jess & gwen

Oh, Hey!

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By the end of this course, you’ll have:


Clarity on exactly what makes you unique, how you'll stand out, and why you're worth a premium


A clearly identified ideal customer avatar who can’t wait to buy what you’ve got


A unique voice, solid messaging, and the ability to quickly write copy that resonates with your audience


A polished logo that matches your style and your positioning in your category


A beautiful, balanced color palette that helps you stand out & communicates the right vibe


Brand fonts that you can use consistently to deliver the right message


A photo & graphics library to leverage when creating new content


Personalized templates to match your brand and make your marketing 10x easier

brand book

All your brand info + assets clearly laid out & organized in one place

and best of all, the confidence to proudly promote your business

what's included

module 01

Create your brand strategy

Our proven framework for creating a strategic, unique brand that's worth a premium.

The no. 1 mistake people make when communicating their value.

A simple way to understand your customer avatar & communicate value to them.

Worksheets & activities to visually map your brand’s personality and competitors so you can better understand your positioning.

Our Special Sauce Formula—a step-by-step process to finding & monetizing your uniqueness.

week-by-week breakdown

Oh Hey, New Brand

module 02

Define your style + colors

Our simple method to nail down your brand style, and push it to the next level so it breaks through the noise.

Learn how to create a moodboard like a designer, PLUS get access to the exact moodboard template we use with our clients.

A walkthrough of how to use inspiration and reference, including when to (and when NOT to) use Pinterest.

How to design a color palette that helps you stand out & communicates the right vibe.

The surprising ways you can use color psychology to evoke emotion and drive action.

module 03

Design your logo

A step-by-step process to design a logo you really love, without any pro design skills.

Access to our Logo Starter Kit, including 50 logos to use as a base, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

The #1 secret to creating a professional, polished logo (Hint: it’s simpler than you think!)

Our designer tips on how to create an alternate logo & mark to complete your brand identity.

How to handle the indecisiveness that comes with choosing a logo direction.

module 04

Build your design + photo library

How to design dynamic marketing graphics that engage and convert.

Finally understand exactly what type of design to choose for each marketing goal.

Our favorite resources for modern, high-quality stock photos.

How to build your own photo & design library to leverage when creating new content.

Easy-to-use templates you can personalize to match your brand and make creating 10x easier.

module 05

Choose your fonts + accent art

How to choose fonts that deliver the right message.

The surprising types of fonts to avoid—ones that actually hurt your brand.

A Font Cheat Sheet — the exact font pairings we use when designing custom brands.

What you need to know about font rights and how to make your brand fonts available everywhere you need them.

Why you may want to add decorative graphics, illustrations, textures & patterns to your brand toolbox—and how to use them effectively.

module 06

Launch your brand!

A Brand Book Template to bring everything you’ve developed together in one place.

How to define your brand voice and effectively communicate your messaging through story.

Time-saving tips and tricks for creating effective Instagram graphics and content.

Storage, process, and organization tips to working with your brand & graphics.

Launch graphics for you to use to introduce your new brand to the world!

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Enroll today and get these exclusive bonuses

but wait, that’s not all!


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We want to make sure you have everything you need to get up & running ASAP

Recommended Tools & Resources

valued at $19


Getting Started with Canva Video Training

valued at $39


Font Pairing Guide

valued at $39


Typography Cheat Sheets

valued at $39


Find Your “Why”
Bonus Training

valued at $39


Starter Color Palettes

valued at $39


Naming your Business Workshop

valued at $99



valued at $49


Special Sauce Finder

valued at $299


Logo Starter Kit

valued at $199


valued at $99

Brand Book Template


(Don't worry, we're not charging anywhere close to that much!)


That's a total value of

Rest easy knowing you can take your time to work through the course because the content never expires!

Lifetime access

We've included a template for EVERY step of the branding process and beyond. We want you to be SO set up for success.

Plug-and-play templates

A Resource Vault full of tools, templates, and bonus trainings that help you get up and running ASAP. We're also including 50 pre-made logos in our Logo Starter Kit, and access to our proprietary Special Sauce finder to help you identify and monetize your uniqueness!

Over $900 in bonuses

A fun, no-judgment zone to connect with a like-minded entrepreneurs and support each other as you grow your business.

Private community access

Actionable exercises that complement the video training & guide you in creating each element of your branding.

6 interactive workbooks

Original training videos walk you through our complete, step-by-step branding framework that you can use over & over to create and launch successful brands.

40 step-by-step video trainings

We cover everything you need to know to build a strategic, polished brand, including a logo, color palette, fonts, graphics, and more.

6 comprehensive modules

What’s included

let's add all that up


monthly payments

enroll now

3 payments of

for a total value of over $5,000!


pay in full

enroll now

1 payment of

Ready to create a brand you love?

This program was designed to help new businesses get off the ground before they're ready to invest in hiring a custom branding designer.

We know how important it is to have something strategic, polished, and cohesive that makes your business look legitimate and gives you the confidence to proudly promote your business. This course is the best way to create a strategic brand identity without a huge price tag!

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Yes, absolutely. By nailing down your brand positioning, voice, and visuals — and with all the tools, training & templates you’ll receive in this program — creating marketing graphics will become way easier & less stressful. In Module 6, we also cover how to communicate your message & value, and give you time-saving tips for creating social media content.

Will this help me with social media and marketing?

We designed this with the busy person in mind. You can squeeze in the bite-sized lessons (5-20 mins each) whenever it’s convenient for you (including on-the-go, in the mobile app).

The course is laid out to take place over 7 weeks (6 modules + implementation week), but you’ll have lifetime access to the content, so you can take as much time as you need to work through it.

How much time will this take?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

I already have a logo. Will this course still be valuable for me?

Yes, definitely. Your brand is so much more than just your logo — it’s the reason you exist, how you’re different from your competition, the way you talk, the value you provide, and how you show up consistently everywhere.

We cover all the bases, so you walk away with clarity on your brand foundation as well as a fully-stocked brand toolkit that includes a color palette, fonts, accent art, graphics, and a whole lot more.

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Can’t I just do this on my own for free?

You could, yes. But we can make it WAY faster and easier, with a more successful result.

 We created this course because we saw new business owners struggling to DIY it on their own, unhappy with everything they created, and letting their branding become a barrier to progress.

We want to help you get to the branding finish line so you can start promoting yourself and landing customers!

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?


Yes! You'll get access to all 6 modules when you enroll. We'll also share our recommendation on how to pace yourself throughout the modules, based on the students who have been most successful in the course.

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Do I have to own a business?

Nope! Though business-owners LOVE the program because it strengthens their business strategy, branding can be used for so many other things. We’ve helped with branding for personal blogs, non-profits, passion projects, content sites, and events. 

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

I’m a designer. Will this course help me with my own branding clients?

Absolutely. You’re getting a complete, step-by-step branding framework you can use over & over to create and launch successful brands. Plus, the upfront branding strategy will be a game-changer to make you feel more confident digging deep with your own clients and setting them up for success.

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Yes! (Well, technically 7 including the implementation week.) Everything is simplified to only what you REALLY need to know to create a killer brand—no fluff.

We'll tell you exactly what to add to your Brand Guide + Brand Toolbox each week, so you end up with a strategic, polished brand and toolkit. Plus, we’ve created so many templates and tools for you to make things even easier!

Will I really have a polished brand and toolkit done in 6 weeks?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Yes! Having a polished and professional brand signals legitimacy and expertise to potential customers, which means they’ll be willing to pay a higher price tag.

In Module 1, we also walk you through how to focus in on a niche and clearly communicate your value to them—both critical elements in order to charge a premium.

Will this course help me charge more?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

Well then, you’re in the right place! We made this course specifically for YOU, the non-designer. We threw out all our fancy design programs and jargon, created a simple, step-by-step branding process, AND we give you a ton of starter templates so you’re never starting from scratch!

What if I don’t have ANY design experience?

Why should I do this instead of hiring a designer?

This is an independent study program, so you'll be working through the content on your own with the guidance of the training videos.

However, you will have access to the private Facebook group, where Jess & Gwen drop in often to answer questions as they come up!

do I get direct access to Jess & Gwen?



Let’s create & launch a brand you love in the next 6 weeks!

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are you ready?