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5 Steps to Building a Six-Figure Creative Business

A FREE masterclass that walks you through the exact steps we use to sell high-ticket services to a steady stream of dream clients.

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The 5 things every proposal needs to make it easy to get the "YES!"

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Build a profitable creative business selling high-ticket services

A step-by-step course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to build a profitable creative business selling high-ticket services to clients who value what you do.

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If you want the entire experience of interacting with your business to feel a little more personal, check out Typeform. The app serves up questions one at a time, which feels less like a form and more like a conversation.


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When you're ready to start building a list to grow your business, ConvertKit is our pick for the best email service provider. It's easy to use, and has so much flexibility! You can get started for free and test it out before you commit.

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We love using Loom to create & share video and screen recordings that personalize the client experience without having to set up a lot of calls. Best part: Loom has a pretty robust free version!


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Dubsado is the go-to tool for creative service providers. You can manage your projects, contracts, invoicing, scheduling, payments, and more — all in one spot. Use code HEYHELLO for 20% off your first month or year!

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We design all our websites on the ShowIt platform. It allows for the most dynamic design without requiring any code, and the ShowIt resources & help team are top notch. Sign up below and get your first month free!


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We love our fancy design programs, but we prefer Canva for things like proposals and social posts. Plus, with Canva Pro, you can set up a Brand Kit so your logos, fonts & colors are easily accessible!

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This is one of the most active online communities, and the #1 way we stay up-to-date on all the latest info & trends related to Instagram!

If you're looking for a quick & easy way to get up & running with Facebook ads, Amplify is where we learned everything we know about ads!

Social Squares is a great, budget-friendly way to get professional images for your website & social media content. You can also search by color, which is super helpful!

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    The 5 things every proposal needs to make it easy to get the "YES!"

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