Create & launch a brand you love in just a few weeks.

No design skills needed.

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“just starting out”

Oh Hey, New Brand is a 6-week, step-by-step course, that makes it easy (and FUN!) to create a polished, professional, and unique brand—including a logo, color palette, fonts, and graphics—so you can confidently promote your business online AND charge a premium.


“charging what I’m worth”

The course that takes you from:

if you’ve ever thought...

My brand will never look as good as [insert competitor brand here]

You’re in great company.

We talk to women every day who aren’t promoting themselves & their business as much as they could because they don't feel legitimate.

I have no idea what my brand style is, or how to find it!

Creating my own brand is so hard because I'm not a designer

I want more customers, but I keep attracting the wrong people

I want my brand to look better, but don’t know where to start

I’ll promote myself later, I’m not “ready” yet

My business doesn't feel "legit" yet

well, it’s true. For the first time EVER, we’re sharing our playbook on how to design a killer brand.
no design skills needed.

paying thousands for a custom designer

You KNOW you need a polished + professional brand, but you're not sure how to get there without either:


spending a ton of time trying to DIY it

What if we told you that with the right guidance & tools, YOU can create a polished brand in just a few weeks without hiring a custom branding designer?
(Yes, even with zero design skills.)

sound familiar...

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“Jess & Gwen’s branding leadership created confidence in me to transition from a full-time corporate role to living my aspirations and dreams as CEO of my own business.”

"This has seemed impossible to me for YEARS and it really broke my heart. I’m just so happy and full of gratitude and joy. You’re simply a blessing."

i'll have what she's having

—Shannon w.

CEO, Thrive Coaching & Consulting

—Beth D.

CEO, Tiz the Celebration

Feeling EXCITED to put new content out because your brand is solid and focused, and your people WANT to hear from you.

it’s all possible & waiting for you. 

We’re giving away ALL our secrets from our $5,000 custom branding process and making it easier than ever to have a brand you love and are proud to promote.


Nothing else like this exists on the market today.

Being able to confidently say, "This isn’t just a hobby. This is my business. Here are my rates. I’m the best at X."

Designing your website, knowing your colors, fonts, and styling are all figured out.

Having something to say on social media and posting an on-brand graphic in less than 5 minutes.

by the end of this course, you’ll have:


Clarity on exactly what makes you unique, how you'll stand out, and why you're worth a premium


A clearly identified ideal customer avatar who can’t wait to buy what you’ve got


A unique voice, solid messaging, and the ability to quickly write copy that resonates with your audience


A polished logo that matches your style and your positioning in your category


A beautiful, balanced color palette that helps you stand out & communicates the right vibe


Brand fonts that you can use consistently to deliver the right message


A photo & graphics library to leverage when creating new content


Personalized templates to match your brand and make your marketing 10x easier

brand book

All your brand info + assets clearly laid out & organized in one place

and best of all, the confidence to proudly promote your business

Want to know when doors open again?


Quick Story:

We built a multiple six-figure business in 6-months.

Clients wait months and pay a premium to work with us.


Because they know, like, and trust our brand. 

They see us show up consistently, produce results, and speak from a place of confidence.

You can build this, too, and we can show you how. With the right guidance and tools, it’s easier than you think. 

We spent 10 years working for million-dollar brands & influencers, before deciding to take everything we learned, create our own studio, and help other entrepreneurs build successful brands.

Oh, Hey!

we’re jess & gwen

“If there’s ONE thing in your business worth investing in, it’s your brand.
Hey Hello is the only studio I recommend if you want to get it done right. Gwen + Jess are one of a kind.” 

—Dee Bailey, COO, Danielle LaPorte, Inc.

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module 01

create your brand strategy

Our proven framework for creating a strategic, unique brand that's worth a premium.

week-by-week breakdown

Oh Hey, New Brand

The no. 1 mistake people make when communicating their value.

A simple way to understand your customer avatar & communicate value to them.

Worksheets & activities to visually map your brand’s personality and competitors so you can better understand your positioning.

Our Special Sauce Formula—a step-by-step process to finding & monetizing your uniqueness.

module 02

define your style + voice

Our super-simple method to easily nail down your brand style and voice.

The How to Create a Moodboard like a Designer masterclass, PLUS access to the exact moodboard template we use with our clients.

A walkthrough of how to use inspiration and reference, including when to (and when NOT to) use Pinterest.

Our “Stand Out Brand” formula for pushing your brand style to the next level and breaking through the noise.

module 03

design your logo + color palette

A step-by-step process to easily design your own logo.

Access to our “Oh Hey, New Logo” resource kit, including 100 starter logos to use as a base, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

How to handle the indecisiveness that comes with choosing a logo direction.

How to design a color palette that helps you stand out & communicates the right vibe.

The surprising ways you can use color psychology to evoke emotion and drive action.

Our designer secrets on how to use type and color effectively.

are you ready to charge what you’re worth?

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module 04

build your design + photo library

How to design dynamic marketing graphics that engage and convert.

Finally, know exactly what type of design to choose for each marketing goal.

Our favorite resources for modern, high-quality stock photos.

How to build your own photo & design library to leverage when creating new content.

Easy-to-use templates you can personalize to match your brand and make creating 10x easier.

module 05

choose your fonts + accent art

How to choose fonts that deliver the right message.

The surprising types of fonts to avoid—ones that actually hurt your brand.

A Font Cheat Sheet—the exact font pairings we use when designing custom brands.

What you need to know about font rights and how to make your brand fonts available everywhere you need them.

Why you may want to add decorative graphics, illustrations, textures & patterns to your brand toolbox—and how to use them effectively.

module 06

complete your brand book + put it in action

A Brand Book Template to bring everything you’ve developed together in one place.

A sizing cheat sheet & time-saving tips for creating social graphics.

Storage, process, and organization tips to working with your brand & graphics.

MORE TEMPLATES! We want you to be SO set up for success.

Weekly Feedback Sessions with Gwen & Jess

Submit your designs for review during our weekly Facebook Live sessions. You’ll get our $1,000/hour expert design eyes on your work at no extra cost!

Access to the private Oh Hey, New Brand Facebook Group

Our fun, friendly, no-judgment zone for sharing questions, concerns, wins, and vulnerability moments with a community of women ready to support you.

Daily guidance and feedback from branding experts

Our team will be in the Facebook group daily, answering questions, giving feedback, and helping out with anything you need!

hands-on support?

oh, and how about some

Want to be the first to know when doors open?


Often you feel indecisive, confused, unsure, and generally like you’re spinning.

Yet it SEEMS like it should be so much easier.

Here’s the truth:

Creating a brand to represent your dreams is extremely emotional and personal. 

If you want to move forward in your business and you know your lack of confidence is holding you back, this course is for you.

Yes, even if you feel like you’re not ready.  (You are.)

We know all the ways imposter syndrome gets in your way. All the scary thoughts, roadblocks, and reasons NOT to promote yourself. 

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’re here for you and with you, and we want to make this process easy for you.

Yes, even if you’re not 100% sold on your business name. (We’ll workshop it with you.)

Yes, even if you’ve never designed anything before. (We made this SO. SIMPLE.)

Not only are Jess & Gwen incredible women, and so fun to work with, but they’re so knowledgeable about branding and brand strategy. Their portfolio is filled with 7-figure entrepreneurs, so you know that everything they put out is absolutely outstanding.

I have never taken the time to create MY OWN branding. Client work always came first, so I never focused on getting my own website and social media presence together. It was just slapped together to have something up quickly. THANK YOU for the motivation and the kick in the butt!

We just didn't know where to start in our branding process. We knew what we liked and wanted to say, but just didn’t know how to pull it all together. Gwen & Jess helped us determine and find our styles, our message, our voice, and how we wanted our brand to be positioned. The process was fun and our new branding is spot on!

—Mallory M.

Head of marketing, I heart my life

—Kim K.

Owner, Kruzer Creative, LLC

—Linda B.

Your Awakened Heart

are you ready to create & launch a brand you love?

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