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DesignBoss is a 6-month group-coaching program that shows you how to build a profitable design business selling high-ticket services to clients who value what you do.

hustling freelancer


thriving design studio

Go from:

if you struggle to...

Find clients willing to pay you what you’re worth 

Figure out what services to focus on

Create a steady stream of consistent jobs

Land jobs after sending a quote

Build a portfolio & client-base that reflects the type of work you want to do

Effectively market yourself on a budget

Find the time & energy for your passion projects

You’re in great company.

We talk to designers every day who are tired of hustling to find consistent work and dealing with clients who don’t value what they do.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Attracting your dream clients who want to pay you to do the work you love

Confidently stating your prices without sweating

Sending off a proposal feeling confident you’ll get a “yes”

Feeling confident that you're focusing on the right services

Taking control of the client process in a way they’ll see value in and appreciate

Never having to compete for work on Upwork or Fivrr again

Establishing confidence in your clients upfront that you are the expert and they can trust you


with the right guidance and strategy, it’s easier than you think

For the first time ever, we’re giving you access to our proven playbook—the exact steps we took to build a multiple six-figure design business—and hands-on support to help you do the same.

in this program, you’ll learn how to...

Create a steady stream of quality clients

Design and price high-ticket services

Identify & capitalize on your niche

Promote your business on a budget, without looking salesy

Create a website that converts

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time designing

Easily and professionally deliver a five-star experience to clients

Set guardrails that minimize back & forth in your client process

Confidently say “no” to a jobs that aren’t a fit

Streamline your processes and protect your sanity

and most of all... how to get paid more to do work you love.

hi! we're gwen & jess

we built a multiple six-figure business in 6-months.

Clients wait months and pay a premium to work with us.


Because they know, like, and trust our brand. 

They see us show up consistently, produce results, and speak from a place of confidence.

You can build this, too, and we can show you how. 

We spent 10 years working for million-dollar brands & influencers before deciding to take everything we learned and build our own creative business. We now have a pipeline full of amazing clients who pay for our premium services. 

Doubting this is possible for you?

If we can do it in 2020 during a pandemic, you can do it, too.

Trusted by

Jess and Gwen are critical partners in my entrepreneurial journey. We explored who I am, what I have to offer, and how I can bring fulfillment to others. As my voice grew stronger, my vision became real. They created confidence in me to transition from a full-time corporate role to living my dreams as CEO of my own business. 

—Shannon W.

Thrive consulting


a 6-month group coaching mastermind for designers

A proven playbook on how to build a profitable design business

The support of a group of like-minded designers

6 monthly group coaching calls

what’s included

Themes include:

Finding your Niche 

Designing & Pricing Services

Client Process

Messaging & Website


Internal Processes

Bi-monthly live Q&A sessions

Want to know the next time you can have access to this amazing program?

Bring your questions to the monthly Q&A and we’ll give you specific advice tailored to your business—in a setting that allows everyone to learn from each other’s questions!

Exclusive Private Facebook Group (safe, no-judgment zone)

A fun, safe, no-judgment zone to connect with us & a group of like-minded designers and support each other in between our live sessions.

DesignBoss Resource Vault

Access to all the documents and proposals we use in our client process—strategically created for custom design clients and proven to be effective

Done-for-you templates and swipe files to speed up your workflow

Access to the systems, programs, and apps we use to streamline our business 

Don’t see what you need? Just request it! We’re here to support you.

Not only are Jess & Gwen incredible women, and so fun to work with, but they’re so knowledgeable about branding and brand strategy. Their portfolio is filled with 7-figure entrepreneurs, so you know that everything they put out is absolutely outstanding.

—Mallory M.

Head of marketing, I heart my life

Jess and Gwen of Hey Hello Studio are not only exceptional designers, but extremely valuable mentors and wonderful, kind human beings. My confidence, career and design sense has grown exponentially in the time I've known and worked with them, and I am so grateful for their mentorship.

—MaHala Design Studio

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