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We also LOVE working with women-led small businesses. If that's you, welcome! We love you already.

We’re Gwen & Jess

hi there!

We’re passionate about making branding & design fun and easy. 

We love, love, love what we do.

We hardly ever wear shoes. 
Like, ever.

We love coffee and plants. 
So many plants. All the plants.

We’re both moms. 
(👋 Carter, Harvey & Hayes)

fun facts

You’ll never feel like you’re “there.” We don’t. Our mentors don’t. Their idols don’t. Everyone is just faking it. Keep going. You're doing great 💕

Everyone has imposter syndrome (except psychopaths).

You don't have to work 8 hours a day. Notice your energy levels at different times of the day and use that to structure your schedule. Take breaks. Prioritize your mental health. And don't feel guilty about it.

Traditional work norms are bullsh*t. 

Listen, if kids are making careers out of playing with toys on YouTube, anything is possible. Thanks, Internet, for giving ALL of us a platform to reach other people who need to hear from us. 

It’s possible to make a living doing work you love.

You can break things down in a way that makes sense for other people like you.
And know that you are qualified… MORE qualified, even, than it feels sometimes.

There’s someone out there (lots of someones) who need exactly what you do.

Creatives and women get a bad rap for being “indecisive” or “all over the place.” But when you gain new information, you should use it to pivot. Not being stubborn is a superpower. Use it.

Changing course is not failure. 

Polished branding makes your business feel legitimate. It doesn't have to be perfect or expensive! Just do the bare minimum you need to do to feel confident promoting yourself.

When you’re proud of your brand & website, you promote your business more

Our dream is to work while we travel and be home when our kids get off the bus. We want to stay small and agile. Know what you’re working toward and make decisions accordingly.

Success and growth are not the same. 

What we believe know to be true

behind the scenes

a little peek

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